Grover Dalrymple Clan

This is the high level page for all descendants of Grover Dalrymple.

Photo taken on Grover and Maude (Bella) wedding day.


One Response to Grover Dalrymple Clan

  1. Gene Johnston says:

    Hey, here’s something that is going on in the Dalrymple family this fall. Oct. 23, 2010, is the Race for the Cure (breast cancer) day in Des Moines, IA. When you think of the illnesses that have touched us Dalrymples heavily, you might first think of heart disease. Very true, let me count the ways! But breast cancer isn’t far behind. Just in the last 2 years, we’ve lost Jan and Wanda to breast cancer. Joan fought it, and won, last winter. Joan is coming from Connecticut to Iowa for that October 23 weekend to participate in the Des Moines Race for the Cure in memory of Jan and Wanda (and others), and in celebration of Joan’s victory, too. The Race (it’s actually a 5K walk, none of us will actually run!) is on that Saturday morning, then in the afternoon we are going to Denny and Nancy Johnston’s for a cookout gathering with Aunt Darlene, Joan, and whoever else can come. Sort of a spur-of-the-moment mini-reunion, built around this great event, the Race for the Cure. If you want to participate, you can join our team, The Aztecs. We named the team Jan’s Aztecs last year in memory of Jan and the fact that she LOVED her Pontiac Aztec (she was about the only one who did, they don’t make them anymore). This year, it’s just The Aztecs for all of the people named earlier, and others you would add to the list. To join the team, go to and search for our team and sign yourself up. It’ll cost you $25, the money goes to finding a cure for breast cancer, it’s a great cause. There will be over 25,000 people walking in Des Moines that day, it will give you an awesome feeling to be part of it. If you can’t be in Des Moines that day, you can still sign up for the team and make a donation, if you are so inclined. It really is a good thing, and we’ll be thinking about some great Dalrymple women that day, some who paid the ultimate price in laying their tiny brick in the foundation for the cure.

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