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This page is all about the first few Dalrymples that we are aware of (at least that we’re related to) and their coming to America.  If you have more information, please don’t hesitate to send it along!!!!  The ancestors of the primary contributors to this web blog are in bold.

James Dalrymple (born about 1730, died 1780).  Married Ereminah Yeoman around 1752 in Amwell, Hunterdon, NJ.  Ereminah was born around 1734 in Hunterdone, NJ.  It is believed that James came to NJ with his brother, George.  This information came from a man named John LeQuear, who walked through the early settlement and gathered information from the early settlers.  James’ name shows up on the tax roll for Amwell Township.  James and Ereminah had 7 sons and a daughter, Sarah, born in 1765.  She married Abraham Paulhamus.  It is not certain when James died, but some think it may have been during the period between 1786 and the 1803 tax roll.  There is also some new information that suggests James and Ereminah both may have been born in Wales.  Here is a link:

The children of James and Ereminah are: Samuel Dalrymple (born approx. 1757, Amwell Township, Hunterdon, NJ, died about 1810.  Married Elizabeth; Edmund Dalrympole, born March 22, 1752, in Amwell, NJ, died in July 1845; Thomas Dalrymple, born Dec. 22, 1753 in Amwell, died before September 19, 1834, buried in Alexandria Township, married Elizabeth Bilbee; Jesse Dalrymple, born March 20, 1756 in Amwell, died May 31, 1844; John Dalrymple was born about 1758 in Amwell, died in 1838 in Preble County, OH; Levi Dalrymple born April 5, 1761 in Amwell, died March 19, 1833 most likely in Indiana County, PA; Sarah Dalrymple, born 1765, Amwell, died Movember 19, 1843 in Bucks, PA; Evan Dalrymple, born 8/17/1770 in Amwell, died May 09, 1841 in Bucks, PA, married Mary WIlliams.

Jesse Dalrymple married Esther Kitchen on May 31, 1778 in Amwell, Hunterdon, NJ.  Esther was born October 5, 1758 and died November 17, 1830 in Hunterdon County, NJ.  Jesse’s pension application was dated August 1834.  Their children include Joseph (11/14/1778); Amy (3/20/1780), John (1/17/1783); James (8/31/1785); Mary (4/8/1789); Ereminah (1/2/1792); hANNAH (3/25/1794) and Evan (2/12/1798).  Evan’s Bible is in the possession of the Washington Historical Museum in Tacoma, WA.

John Dalrymple married Hannah Rittenhouse, who was born in 1761.  He later was married to Hanna Ringo.  The children of John and Hannah were Mahlon, born about 1805, Hunterdon Cty., NJ, who died before 1834 in Fleming Cty, KY; John Wesley, Jr., Mary; Susannah, Moses (born 1797 in NJ), James (3/15/1798), Eliazbeth, Jemima, Sarah, Armina, John Jr., and Edmund Dalrymple.

Mahlon was born about 1805 in Hunterdon Cty., NJ, and died before 1834 in Fleming Cty., NJ.  He married Mary Jane Knight on 5/7/1827 in Fleming County, KY.  Mahlon presents one of the greatest mysteries of this branch of the Dalrymple’s.  The story is that there was an epidemic of cholera that hit Fleming County were he and his family lived.  Mahlon went into town for supplies, and told Mary that if he did not return that she should go to Indiana where they had friends/family.  Multitudes are known to have died from cholera around 1834.  It is unknown if Mahlon went into town and became infected and died, or at least feared that he’d been infected, and opted not to take the chance of of infecting his young family.  Or, since he had given such specific instructions, if he had been planning on not returning home all along.  No one knows, and we shall give him the benefit of the doubt.  In any event, Mahlon was never heard from again.  According to Wlima Miller (a descendant of Moses Dalrymple) Mahlon died without a will and the state settled his estate, but by the time his affairs were settled, there was nothing left for family.  There was mention of 2 girls (Rachel and Louisa) besides a son, James Monroe.  No one knows where Mahlon was laid to rest.

James Monroe, married Mary Jane Leachman, his wife, in Indiana and had 8 children of their own.  James was born 2/28/1831 in Indiana and died 8/28/1918 in Indiana.  Mary Jane was born 3/11/1838 and died 10/21/1911.  Their children: Albert, Ellen, Clifton, Candace, Byron, Leathy, Melvin and Alice.

Byron Dalrymple was born in 1869 and died in 1918.  He married Clara Staggs, who was born in 1872 and died in 1949.  Their children include Carrie (1891), Grover (1893), Edna (1895, died 1898); Erma Zoe (1897-1952); Floy Marie (1900-1920); Grace (1903-1981); Dorothy (1906); John (1908) and Gladys (1914).

A slight detour: Melvin, Byron’s brother and son of James Monroe Dalrymple, was born in 1875 in Indiana and died in 1960 in Indiana.  He was married to Flora Spears.  Their children: Mary Edna (1904-1976); Estell, Alice, and Leonadis (Lester), born 8/20/1889 and died 4/19/1964 in Iowa.)

Grover, born in 1893 in Indiana, died in 1948 in Grand Junction, OA.  He married Maude Arabelle Minor, daughter of David Minor and Mary Woodworth.  She was born 11/17/1898 and died 2/13/1935 in Grand Junction.  After her death, Grover remarried Bessie Hendricks.  Grover and Maude (Belle) had 9 children: Darlene (9/25/1918); Lois (1/3/21 – 12/8/2000), Donald (6/4/23 – 1/27/1998); Betty Mae (4/25/25 – 6/22/97); Dorothy (1/29/27, died 2009?); Merle “Byron” (2/2/29 – 12/28/92); Dale (1/29/35 – 7/6/2008); Charlotte (3/29/33 – 7/29/97.  One more child, Walter Dean (the twin of Dorothy) was born 1/29/27 and died 6/26/29).

Most of the Dalrymple’s who will be visiting and participating in this blog are descendants of either Grover or Leonadis (Lester).


6 Responses to Ancestors Page

  1. Cindy LaDouceur says:

    Great job gentlemen for breathing new life into the Dumza Post and proving that the name is oh so perfect! Okay, mathematics was never my best subject, but I only count 8 not 9….hmmm who could be missing? Or is this a test to see who is reading and paying attention? HA!! I win…what is my prize? Do I get a red Ferrari?

    • Cindy: thanks for taking the time to check out the blog! Actually, your math is pretty good…there were only 8 of Grover’s children who made it into adulthood. Dean died as a baby, hence he isn’t included – there’s no link for his descendants because there aren’t any. So…you DON’T get the red Ferrari, but we still love you just the same anyway!!!!!

  2. Cindy LaDouceur says:

    I still I win the red Ferrari….read your listing of Grover’s children who made it to adulthood. Let me know how many you count. I still love you too!!!

  3. I count 8 – which is the correct number. Who would you want to add? There SHOULD only be 8 listed there….unless you’re telling me a family secret that none of the rest of us know about!!!! I STILL love you, too….

  4. Cindy: I figured it out! We’re talking about 2 different things! I was talking about the links under Grover’s clan, you were talking about the text, where I left out your mom…sorry ’bout that. But still no red Ferrari. Would you settle for a brown Yugo?

  5. Cindy LaDouceur says:

    I really wanted the red Ferrari, but I guess I will take the brown Yugo!

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