Did you know we existed?

Many of you may remember the Dalrymple Dumaza Post from years gone by. It stared at a newsletter that was mailed out every so often.  Then, it migrated to an email newsletter.  In keeping with the Dalrymple tradition of staying right on top of cutting edge technology, we are now on a blog!

I invite you to take a look around this blog and familiarize yourself with it.  We’d like to populate it with more stories, pictures, etc., that you share with the rest of the family.

Let me know your thoughts, and what you’d like to see added (or subtracted – as long as it’s not MY picture you ask to have removed!!!!)



About Galen

Husband, father, grandfather who crazily loves his wife, kids and grandkids. Love dogs!!!! Photography is my #1 hobby (wish it were my profession!) Love to travel. Love to read, adventure movies (Gladiator is my #1 all-time favorite), music, golf, fishing, being outdoors in a beautiful place. If I had a super-power, I would be able to heal and stop pain. Grew up for my first 8-9 years on a farm in Iowa. Other states where I have lived in my life: Florida, California, North Carolina, Maine, Georgia. (Most of my life has been spent in various places in California.) Places out of the US I've traveled include: Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Haiti, India, England, Ireland, Wales, Ghana, Israel and Peru.. Places I'd like to go: Egypt, Spain, New Zealand, Austria, Italy, France, Greece, Machu Picchu, Antartica, Scotland, Greenland, Iceland, China, Japan.
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